The Arbors at Dogwood Creek

2005: South Gate Upgrade Proposal

clipart southgate

Back Ground:  The Arbors South entrance gates are nearing 8 years in age. (2005)

The subdivisions developer (Sabine Investments) had originally intended the Arbors gates to be decorative.

The gates were not designed for constant use and are not of the commercial grade that is needed for their current application/use.

  • Both the gates themselves and the ancillary equipment, ie, sensors, batteries, actuator arms, are beginning to wear and break down at an ever increasing rate. The current problem with the South gates not opening automatically during wet weather will involve replacing a detector in conduit under the street, among other things.

  • Residents have voiced concerns in past homeowner meetings about construction traffic using the Arbor's Main entrance. The Main entrance has two gates separated by a decorative brick wall, with only one lane in each direction. This is an acceptable design for normal residential traffic but a maneuverable challenge for moving vans, large trucks and new home building equipment.

  • The larger opening of the South entrance (two full, un-separated lanes) would better accommodate large truck traffic. However, there is an issue that the current gate is set too close to the Hwy 95 to accommodate safely large trucks waiting for the gate to open.

To address the three items listed above, the Maintenance Committee proposes the following:

1)  Replace the current set of gates with heavy duty, commercial grade gates.

2)  Replace the current out-dated sensors, detectors, and circuit modules with more modern ones which would still allow the use of current remote openers, but would also allow for future expansions to smart-card, punch boxes, and remote-telephone entry methods.

3)  Expand the drive-up area to accommodate larger vehicles by adding two more columns and moving the entry gates 50 feet into the Arbors property.

Upon approval of the Board, the Maintenance committee will proceed with acquiring several bids for the completion of this project.

gate photos

Note: The AIA Board approved the above project and the Southgate entrance was upgraded in 2005