The Arbors at Dogwood Creek



Why do we work so hard to control Right of Way (r.o.w.) erosion?
It's not just for esthetics!

 It's because the Arbors has very good roads, better than most in Bastrop county, and we must protect the road bed which is part of it.
And that means keeping the ROW from eroding toward the street.

Erosion starts when vegetation is killed or removed in the right-of-way; rain washes the sand away from the road bed and eventually holes develop under the road. Then repairs become very costly.

Better to control the erosion before it starts!!

Here are some images of what happens when the vegetation in the R.O.W. is destroyed:

tire tracks 1
Damage from tire tracks...
tire tracks 2
....grows into this after a rain...
tire tracks 3
...eventually reaching a roadbed.

...requiring money and labor for remediation:
work party

Please help keep our easements green!
If you must park on the street, please leave two wheels (one front and one back) on the pavement...