The Arbors at Dogwood Creek

2006: North Gate System Upgrade

clipart maingate

Back Ground:
1) The Arbors Main entrance gates are nearing 8 years in age.

2) The subdivisions developer (Sabine Investments) had originally intended the Arbors gates to be decorative. The gates were not designed for constant use and are not of the commercial grade that is needed for their current application/use. As a result, the gates themselves and the ancillary equipment, ie, sensors, batteries, actuator arms, are beginning to wear and break down at an ever increasing rate.

3) The actuator arms alone have had to be replaced (costing several hundreds of dollars) more than once over the last two years due to wear. They have also been taken apart and refurbished several times, courtesy of a handy-man Arbors resident.

4) Currently the Main gate operates off a heavy duty battery, which is recharged via a 120 electrical connection. At the current rate of use, the battery is discharged faster than the charger can handle, resulting in frequent malfunctions.

(This differs from the equipment newly installed at the South gate: the main source of power there is now 120 electric, with a battery for backup only.)

5) The Main gate system is no longer in production and replacement parts for the gate system are becoming harder to find... and more expensive.

It is therefore proposed by the MC that the controlling systems be replaced at the Main Gate; the existing gates can be used until the AIA budget will allow replacement with heavy-duty metal gates. This project will be discussed in future Board/General meetings.

The cost of this project is projected to be less than half the cost of the South Gate improvements.

Upon completion of this project, the MC will address the issue of changing the current entry code system, for both the Main and South entry Gates.

Note: The AIA Board approved the above project and the North Gate Entry was upgraded in 2006