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Dog got "skunked"...?

clipart skunk The peroxide formula is the gold standard for de-skunking.
The sooner it's used the better...

(Double the recipes for hairy, shepherd type dogs)

1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup of baking soda (NaHCO3)
1 teaspoon of liquid detergent.
(This concoction will foam...use immediately for best effect)

Follow bath with a tap water rinse

(Want to know how the stuff really works? Check out THIS INFO from the author of this formula...)

Make up a 'skunk kit' each year!

Put a couple of bottles of fresh peroxide, a baggy of baking soda, a sample size of detergent, and a sponge in a large, 1 gallon baggy. Don't premix the stuff -- it has a very short effective life and it generates a bunch of oxygen gas when mixed. (That may amuse McGiver but not the rest of us....)

Everything is stored in their original containers ready to mix for use when the puppers annoy Monsouir Pepe LePewe. Be aware that every time Fido gets wet there may be a lingering odor for a while!

Paul Krebaum is the chemical engineer who created the formula. Check out his page for more information: