The Arbors at Dogwood Creek

Pre-Plan Building Requirements

Before a plan is submitted for approval on a lot, there may be other types of activity in preparation for the building project. These activities may include, but are not limited to: perk tests, lot clearing, and utility installations.

Pre-Plan Approval Requirements

A. ACCESS: If the lot is to be accessed by trucks or large equipment for lot clearing, perk tests or other pre-plan activities, the owner must submit for and receive approval for the installation of the temporary driveway to be used to access the lot for the duration of the project until the permanent driveway is installed.

B. DRIVING OVER THE RIGHT-OF-WAY: The 60 foot road right-of-way, measured from one lot pin - across the roadway - to the opposite lot pin is Arbors Association property. For erosion protection of Association property, this right-of-way may not be driven across nor parked on; lot access must only occur across the temporary driveway, which must be properly installed before pre-plan activities begin.

Access to any lot across the right-of-way that damages the right-of-way, in any way, will result in a fine for the lot owner.  (Note: Arbors underground utilities are located in the approximate center of the right-of-ways)

All vacant lots are private property; do not use adjacent lots to access a building site.

C. PARKING ON THE RIGHT-OF-WAY: Parking of vehicles of any sort is allowed within 2 feet of the pavement. Parking is never allowed past the two feet allowed on the right-of-way, which occupies the space between the pavement and the owners lot. Damage to the right-of-way, in any way, will result in a fine for the lot owner.

D. FIRES: No clear burning of any lot. This ban includes the burning of trees, brush, and debris resulting from the clearing for home construction. Clear burning on any lot will result in a fine for the lot owner.

For more detailed information contact the Arbors Architectural Control Committee.