The Arbors at Dogwood Creek

Plan Submittal Requirements

blueprints Please submit one set of plans to:

Pioneer Property Management
611 S. Congress #510
Austin, Tx 78704

The ACC meets as needed.

Please Refer to the Arbors Deeds and Restrictions - "Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions" (CC&R's) - before submitting a plan.

Minimum House Plan Requirements (Printable Copy)

Plan Requirements Check List  (Printable Copy)

All Builders (Contractors) must supply:

  1. A valid Builders Bond** for $10,000.00 (or as notified), indicating coverage for any damage caused to the common areas of this subdivision.

  2. The signed Compliance Agreement

  3. List of contractors with names and builder contact information.

  4. Site Plan:
    • Lot number and street address.
    • Copies of the Bastrop County Sanitation and Construction permits.
    • All proposed improvements.
    • House shape to scale with easements and setbacks, and driveway location.
    • Exact square footage.
    • Drainage plan so tract will drain to front and rear only. (Please Show burms, retaining walls, ditches, swales, and etc.).

  5. Blue Prints (detail Info):
    • Foundation Plan - Show all grades, driveways, steps, sidewalks, and etc.
    • Elevations -  Submit clearly drawn elevations showing front, rear, and both sides including garage.
    • Floor Plan - Drawn to scale showing all rooms so as to meet the minimum square. footage required and accurately show the layout of the house indicating the total climate controlled area and the attached garage.
    • Color Scheme - Submit a sample of the masonry, roofing, and trim color, using photos, pictures, paint chips or other "small" means. (Note: Full size bricks, rocks, shingles, etc, are not required nor desired.)
    • Masonry - the Arbors CC&R's require a minimum percentage of masonry on any home. Please provide information regarding the percentage of masonry to be used on each building.

  6. Landscape: No formal landscape plan is required; however, the job site must be cleaned of all construction and lot clearing debris within 60 days of completion of construction.
    • Lot Slope and Drainage - Careful consideration should be given to the selection of a house plan to fit your actual tract and to the drainage plan. Pools, ponds, and sprinkler systems must be submitted for approval, so as not to interrupt the integrity of the developments natural drainage system.
    • Fencing - materials to be used, and location.
    • Driveway - materials to be used.
    • Mailbox - materials to be used, and location
**Please contact the ACC at for more information on the required Builders Bond