The Arbors at Dogwood Creek

Builder's Bond Information


All Builders (Contractors) must supply:

A valid Builders Bond** for $10,000.00 (or as notified), indicating coverage for any damage caused to the common areas of this subdivision.


Note that for construction projects on improved properties, auto or general liability coverage cannot be substituted for a bond.

The Arbors bond requirement is for a Surety bond.

It protects the Arbors Community from damages by a contractor (or sub-contractor) that is not repaired by the contractor. In such cases, the Arbors will file against the bond to collect the repair costs.

A real example was repair to the cul-de-sac on Maple Leaf when a contractor's truck hydraulic fluid leaked and damaged the asphalt.

(Reminder: A claim against a bond impacts the credit worthiness of the purchaser.)

Please contact The Arbors Architectural Committee:

(If you use other than MS Outlook to send email, please cut-n-paste the above address into your email form)

Please send construction plans to:

Pioneer Property Mgmt
Attn: Arbors at Dogwood Creek
611 S. Congress #510
Austin, TX 78704